Open source community is the backbone of the web. Majority of the hosting servers around the world are Linux based and run Apache, mySQL, and php, which is the foundation upon which these amazing open source software systems run.
FOSS business models may tend to work better with applications where unique intellectual property and/or unique business strategy and logic are not embedded in the application.
For low cost, scalability and high flexibility products, it may sometimes be reasonable to use Open Source products. In many cases, the costs of development using open source technologies are lesser as compared to proprietary software. We perform extensive research to identify the best open source application that suits client’s business needs. We provide Open-source customization services for a range of system requirements from ERP/CRM/SCM/POS implementation to e-commerce, e-learning, content management, web application solutions and several other functional areas.

Open Source expertise includes:

  • Open Source Learning Management System (Moodle)
  • PHPBB Customization
  • Social Networking Customization
  • Open Source Database Management Systems (MySQL)
  • Open Source Content Management System (Joomla, Mambo, Drupal,Magento and many more)
  • Open Source Online Shopping Solution (oscommerce, xcart, zencart, etc.)
  • Open Source Blogging Software (WordPress etc.)
  • Open Source Framework (CodeIgniter)
  • Benefits to the clients:

  • Significant reduction in development time and cost.
  • Long term customer support and software updating services in compliance with Open Source components updates.
  • Very high development and deployment speed and robust software development.
  • Source codes availability in the World Wide Web reduces project cost.
  • Enhanced portability.
  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements.
  • Availability of large pool of source codes from the Internet.