Custom E-Commerce Solutions

In today's age of the web, the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily. Our E-Commerce Solutions would guarantee that your customers can buy easily and conveniently from you – all over the world and around the clock. We will make sure that your customers have an excellent time browsing and shopping online and feel secure while making payments.
We understand that each establishment has its unique E-Commerce needs. Our Custom E-Commerce Solutions are tailored fit for your specific requirements.

Our E-commerce solutions would give you the following features:

  • Admin Features for Product Management, Order and Delivery Management, Payment Management and Customer Management.
  • Front End Features like Dynamic display of products, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway Integration, SMS Gateway Integration and Customer Registration.
  • Dynamic Product Catalogue

    A dynamic product catalogue, is an innovative and cost-effective anser for allowing a company to develop/update its online product list with full control over its product information and description.
    Online Web-Based Product Catalogues give businesses the ability to provide their potential and existing customers with update-to-date product details including images, pricing, inventory, shipping and miscellaneous data.
    Web-Based Product Catalogues also provide the browsing user the ability to perform complex dynamic searches to find products, read reviews of other users and even send orders to the business for immediate follow-up.

    Ecommerce Shopping Cart

    Nowadays, companies are seeing the value in selling their products on the web. No business can afford to ignore the Internet sales potential.Using our ecommerce shopping cart technology, we can provide you with a personalized web shopping tool custom made for your products.
    A standard website would only help your company advertise your products and services online. A shopping cart will let your customers select products, give the quantity to be purchased and keep adding items to the shopping cart. All mathematical calculations, including sub-total, sales taxes (if any), shipping cost, final total and all prices applicable to that relevant product or service are automatically shown to the customer. Our E-commerce shopping carts can be integrated with the Payment Gateway of your choice. Real time authentication and verification of the customer's credit card is done, enabling instant payment to you for your services or products.
    With robust feature and a large choice of payment gateways and shipping calculators integration, our ecommerce shopping cart software is a key to your online business success.

    Web Site Maintenance

    It’s no secret that both visitors and search engine alike prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on a regular basis. Creating a website can be easy compared to maintaining it.
    The rules by which search engines list sites change constantly. Without updating and taking account of these new rules, a web site can easily become ‘lost’ in search engine listings.
    Our Website maintenance includes the following:

    1. Updating of content and graphics
    2. Keeping the web site current to showcase latest products and services that your business offer
    3. Communicate changes in your company to your customers
    4. Development of a content management system which would enable even untrained users to update content to your website
    5. Add latest features currently used by web sites like ecommerce, SEM (search engine marketing), new technology etc.

    XML Application

    XML applications are software programs that process and manipulate data using XML technologies including XML, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, XPath, Web services, etc. XML is a universal language for data on the Web that lets developers deliver content from a wide variety of applications to the desktop. It’s a rapidly maturing technology with powerful real-world applications, particularly for the management, display and organization of data. It is essential technology for anyone looking for more efficient and cost effective ways of both managing and transfering data. XML is easy to convert further into different formats as required: e.g. HTML, PDF, and plain text. In Web applications, XML is also used to reduce server load and hits.
    The design goals for Web Development using XML are :

    • It shall be straightforwardly usable over the Internet.
    • It shall support a wide variety of applications.
    • It shall be compatible with SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language ).
    • It shall be easy to write programs, which process XML documents.
    • The number of optional features in XML is to be kept to the absolute minimum.
    • XML documents should be human-legible and reasonably clear.
    • The XML design should be prepared quickly.
    • The design of XML shall be formal and concise.
    • XML documents shall be easy to create.

    Custom Applications Development

    Custom Application Development means designing a software that has been designed and programmed for a specific function/need.We at MagDiSoft approache each website individually, creating computer programs that are custom designed to meet your individual/e-business requirements.
    While all application development outsourcing is technically custom, the difference is that packaged applications were designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of users. Custom application development is capable of producing practically any feature you may desire for your site. Our systems analysts provide you the exact customized application and solution that suits your specifications.

    The process of developing custom applications is essentially “Client Driven”. It is important to remember that a well-designed database should provide the end product that is tailored to meet both your professional and practical business needs and therefore serve its intended purpose.

    Search Engine Optimization

    The process of increasing the amount of web traffic of a website through web page optimization that leads the website to rank higher in search results of a search engine is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The higher the website ranks in the Search Engine results, the greater the chances that it will be visited by a user.
    Search Engine Optimization follows a distinct procedure, where our SEO Experts find out the keywords which may depend on your the business activities. With your feedback, we research related keywords, put them through a detailed competitiveness analysis to find the most targeted terms for which to optimize.
    We will also check your site’s current positions in the major search engines on a periodic basis & find out, how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you
    We will create additional optimized pages based on keywords and content you provide us about your business. This will gives you a head start in heading to the top of the search list.
    Your website would be additionally submitted to over 400+ search engines. Having your site listed on as many as possible sites is not only good for more visitors but also good for ranking in major search engines who will check your link popularity on the web.

    We also provide Pay Per Click or PPC Management which is basically an advertising model in which the advertiser pays for every click-through that takes visitor to its website. In return, the advertiser gets relevant traffic on its website which it can use to promote its business online. It instantly increases traffic on your website by displaying your ads on thousands of other websites, and is comparatively cheaper than other technique.
    Our pay per click management program includes working out pay per click affiliate programs and creating pay per click banners and ads thereby increasing your click through rate and signups. With both targeted traffic and unique visitors coming to your site, you are able to make money at a fairly low cost.

    Mobile Website

    Mobile websites are specially designed for viewing web contents on Mobile Phones. Earlier websites were seen only on computers . But mobile like BlackBerry, iPhone and other touch screen phones in market it is very important to offer a mobile-friendly alternative to current website.
    Mobile phones have smaller screens and are less powerful than a computer. The Internet connection used in them is also very slow. So websites for computers cannot function well on mobile phones, we need special structured sites for mobile phones.
    We provide most affordable priced opportunities to increase the reach of your business through mobile website. We also provide services to customize existing sites for viewing them on mobiles.